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From our Founders: Back to Our Artist Roots

From our Founders: Back to Our Artist Roots

We’re delighted to be able to share with you two new artist bedrooms in Brighton. We had a fantastic opportunity to work with two of our all-time favourite artists, Ben Eine and Pure Evil. Seeing them in action really brought back memories of how far we’ve come as a company. Art has always been a massive part of our identity and really it was working with artists 10 years ago that gave birth to Artist Residence.

Back then when I took over a run-down guesthouse and placed an ad in gumtree calling for artists we ended up having hundreds of artists descend on the building painting walls, doors and ceilings. It was an amazing experience but in hindsight a total uncoordinated creative nightmare!

The pinnacle was when we had a street artist who painted every single inch of the walls. When you first went into the room you were like “wow this is cool” but once you were settled in it was so hectic it was difficult to switch off. We had a tonne of complaints with guests saying they couldn’t sleep! I think the biggest thing we learnt about what art means to us as a business is how art makes you feel. The world today is a hectic and challenging environment. All you need to do is turn on the news. We think art should bring a smile whether it’s through humour, colour or simply drifts you away from your day to day life.

Today we’re so lucky to have built up an amazing collection of artworks at the hotels that we feel tick this box of making you happy. It brings me great joy to be able to work with some Ben and Charlie (Pure Evil) who through their prolific artwork have brought joy and happiness to all – and now you get a chance to stay in one of their rooms!


Ben Eine room at Artist Residence Brighton

Pure Evil room at Artist Residence Brighton


Over recent months we’ve also begun to use art and our relationships with the artists we work with as a means to give back. We hosted a dinner and limited edition print release last month with the Connor Brothers with proceeds donated to CALM, the campaign against male suicide, raising £9,370 (and counting!) Alongside this we also have our online print shop in collaboration with Jealous Gallery, where you can buy prints from some of our favourite artists with all profit donated to Art Against Knives, a London charity working to engage young people in creative projects and prevent their involvement in violent crime.

We’re working away on more ways to combine our love for great art with charitable causes we really believe in, so watch this space!

Justin (and Charlie!) x